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What is worse than this? T-shirts reprint!.

Hi, I’m Byron the guy behind this blog Betype, some months ago I made a campaign noting the little annoying things of life like dropping your icecream, youtube restriction, stepping on a lego, etc. compared to the disease: Cancer.

Why I did this? To catch the attention of young public that isn’t aware of Cancer, my mom is suffering of Uthering Cancer Stage 3 (his surgery was a week ago). And I needed money for her treatment. 

Today a couple of months later, I will do a reprint of the T-shirt of cookie that doesn’t fit the glass of milk. I lot of you ask me if I still giving this t-shirts in exchange for a donation, I know this is the time to do the reprint.

But I need your help:

To make the reprint posible I need to order at least 25 T-shirt because thats the minimum order accepted by the printer. So I need your help pre-ordering your T-shirt and spreading the word. To make this thing posible.

The minimum goal is to pre-order 25 days in 5 days!. Your paypal or credit card won’t be charged if the goal isn’t achieved. If I met the goal the T-shirts will be a reality and everyone will be happy! :) Even my mom that is healing his surgery.

The amount of the donation is $24. for the T-shirt including free shipping inside the US. Please pre-order or t-shirt at the bottom of this website:

If you can’t help me buying the t-shirt you will help a lot spreading the word.!

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